Size comparison of dragons from How to train your dragon (HYTTD)

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    Dragons are magnificent fictional beasts aside from the real komodo dragon. How to train your dragon (HYTTD) is a popular franchise that dwells into the relationship between man and beasts. How to train your dragon (HYTTD), now has two movies and a series after it and also a HYTTD game. Dragon size comparison has been done earlier but from a wide range of sources and franchises. Now we focus on the size comparison of dragons of how to train your dragon. They come in different shapes and sizes and a massive amount of respect to the designers and artists who drew all these dragons from scratch. Ranging from the small size night terror dragon to the medium size night fury dragon and up in comparison against the big size fireworm queen and then in comparison against the gigantic size Bewilderbeast dragon. Choose which dragon you want to train and own up as yours. Enjoy this video on the size comparison of Dragons from How to train your dragon (HYTTD).

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